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charm /(CHärm)/ noun
The power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration.

Charm Etiquette is committed to fostering the ideals of solid social and leadership skills within youth and adults. Our award-winning approach to etiquette is far from being stuffy or rigid – it’s interactive, fun and approachable. After attending our events, guests will be able to move effortlessly through any situation and among various groups of people – be it a State Dinner at the White House or a casual dinner at Waffle House.

Have an upcoming school interview, or selling boxes of Girl Scout cookies? They’ll be fully prepared. What to wear on a date or what not to post on Facebook? We’ll cover that, as well. And, yes, you’ll have full knowledge of how to properly set the table, make confident introductions and the traditional rules of etiquette, with an option of social dance. Let’s face it – rules are rules and they’re essential to the cultivation of leaders and to the promotion of civility.

At Charm, we’ve simply put a modern spin on manners. We’ve chosen to make the learning process both relevant and fun. After all, etiquette is all about making people comfortable in any given situation. Shouldn’t the process of learning it be comfortable, too?

We think so, and our guests most certainly agree! Enrolling in Charm will be one of the best investments you’ll make. You’ll be charmed – we’re sure.

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